Executive Committee

UAP Dubai Chapter Elected Officers (Fiscal Year 2016- 2017)


President: JAIME TASARRA JR.,uap

Vice-President for Programs and Development: DENNIS MARIANO,uap

Vice-President for Operations: GEORGE DIANG,uap


Treasurer: ERWIN CONSUEGRA,uap


Director: RACQUEL DIANG,uap






The duties of the Chapter Officers are as follows:

  1. President
  2. Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter and as such shall exercise general supervision over the affairs thereof;
  3. Ensures that the By-laws as well as the resolutions, directives and policies issued in pursuance thereof by the National Board of Directors, officers and committees acting within their respective legal authorities are complied with by the Chapter;

iii. Presides over all the meetings of the Chapter Board of Directors and the General Membership of the Chapter;

  1. Organizes the Chapter committees;
  2. Supervises all its committee works, and social and business affairs, including the remittance of funds to the National Treasurer;
  3. Signs contracts, directives and legal instruments which have been approved by the Chapter Board of Directors; and

vii. Represents the Chapter on all occasions and in all matters where it should be represented.


  1. Vice President for Programs and Development
  2. Takes full supervision of the study, research and formulation of policies, programs and projects of the Chapter, subject to the approval of the Chapter Board of Directors.


  1. Vice President for Operations
  2. Takes full supervision of effective implementation of the programs and projects approved by the Chapter Board of Directors.


  1. Secretary
  2. Issues all notices, circulars, records and supervise the proper recording of minutes of all Chapter meetings;
  3. Takes charge and custody of all the legal and administrative records, correspondences of the Chapter;

iii. Prepares and submits accomplishment report to the National Office through their respective Regional District Director quarterly;

  1. Safekeeping of all records for proper turnover to the next secretary; and
  2. Performs such other matters as may, from time to time, be required of him by the Chapter President and the x` Board of Directors.


  1. Treasurer
  2. Takes charge of the over-all supervision of the financial affairs of the Chapter;
  3. Collects all fees, dues or contributions from the Chapter members as required by these By-laws and as may be authorized by the National Board of Directors and/or the Chapter Board of Directors;

iii. Disburses funds as necessary and in accordance with approved accounting rules and procedures;

  1. Signs all instruments of the UAP Chapter wherein his signature is required by law and perform all such duties for the Chapter as may be assigned to him by the Chapter President and the Chapter Board of Directors;
  2. Remits to the National Treasurer the national share of the national annual membership dues and prepare an official report of the said remittance to the Chapter Board of Directors;
  3. Renders monthly report to the Chapter members and to the National Treasurer regarding the receipt and disbursement of funds and their amounts under his/her responsibility;

vii. Signs all checks, and all financial transactions, together with the Chapter President or another officer as may be designated by the Chapter Board of Directors; and

viii. Performs such other functions as may be required by the Chapter President and the Chapter Board of Directors.


  1. Auditor
  2. Conducts an overall independent review of all financial affairs to ensure check and balance of the business operations of the Chapter; and
  3. Serves as a regular member of the Chapter Board of Directors with voting rights.


Reference: 2009 UAP By-Laws


2017 United Architects of The Philippines Dubai, Committee on Information and Media Affairs